Rachel King

rachel portrait

Rachel has been studying and exploring the art of Thai massage since 2002.

Her original inspiration for learning Thai massage came from a deep connection with Thailand beginning in the 90s when she worked with a Burmese women’s refugee project in Chiang Mai.

There is a strong connection between Thai massage and the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness.  This practice inspires Rachel’s massage style, which focuses on grounding the overactive mind, daily processing our busy city life.  Rachel offers a gentle, patient, but also enthusiastic presence and is very excited to be able to share the simple beauty of northern Thailand and its culture with others.

Thai massage is a form of mindfulness for both practitioner and client. It enables the flow of energy through the body with pressure from hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet of the practitioner in combination with gentle rocking and deep stretches.



Jo Lim

jo pix copy 2

Jo Lim is a Thai massage practitioner and Osteopath who has a strong belief in using bodywork and the healing power of touch in a community setting.

Jo’s treatments tend to lie on the therapeutic end of the spectrum. Jo works on resolving structural restrictions and dysfunctions in order to encourage a healthy vital body which functions optimally.

Jo teaches Visceral Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.






2 thoughts on “Who

  1. Hi there.
    It was a lovely experience to have met all of you at The Festival of Life.
    You gals and guy have a very happy energy.
    It was nice to have spent time with you.
    And i know my two friends, Alex and Julie were fortunate to have had quality massages with you.
    I wish you loads of success in your endeavours.
    Love from Gavin

  2. Thanks Racheal for my neck and shoulder 1/2 hr Thai massage … Was just what I needed after yoga today and giving up a 6yr business to have a more peaceful life … Perfect start … Went home had a bath !!! Bliss !!! Great afternoon SD x

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